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Bushido Royale

Bushido Royale is an epic NFT collection with 6000 Samurai including at least 100 1/1 Legendary Samurai, Yokai and Demigods mixed in. These legendary samurai set sail on two ships destined for the cursed island:

  1. Ship 1 - 3000 samurai, 34 legendary SOLD OUT
  2. Ship 2 - 3000 Samurai 77 legendary MINTING NOW

Your epic samurai also doubles as your access to our awesome BR ecosystem (all set on the Cursed Island).

  1. Access to our discord including free raffles and battle royale games
  2. Access to Bushido Royale in-game currencies, their utility is shrouded in mystery at this time
  3. Holder only free air drops Bushidtoes and Rise of The Onna-Musha (both coming in 2023)
  4. WL for additional expansions (The Dark Swamp and The Way of the Warrior Monk)
  5. Our Metaverse (fully built out Samurai castle in Sandbox) and plans for Otherside Deeds

Other roadmap items include:

  1. Limited merch drops
  2. IRL parties and gatherings
  3. Staking and fun burn mechanics. Date TBD
Jul 2022
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