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Buscando America

About this collection

ERC 721

“IDIOSINCRASIA" - is a collection of 2,500 one-of-one photos created during the research stage and case study of the city of Medellin made by BUSCANDO AMÉRICA, a Web3 ecosystem built by Latino filmmakers who aspire to produce an independent film.

During the scouting process, we met characters and discovered locations that inspired parts of our script. Using what we gathered, we decided to create an NFT photo collection and a short documentary with the goal to finance the development stage of our film.

The photographs serve as a token to access the intricate process of producing an independent film, as well as help crowdfund with the community through a Web3 ecosystem, as well as created workshops for the community.

This film uses Códigos (codes) of its cultural and social identity to express an aesthetic portrayal of the absurdity behind everyday Latin-American experiences.

12.8% minted319 / 2,500

The ecosystem will be composed of a set of projects made up of NFT collections, such as music albums, creative audiovisual pieces and interactive experiences, that will serve as a prelude to the aesthetic and narrative concept of the collective’s first feature film.

With the aim of retaining control of the creative process and staying true to the collective’s voices, the team decided to leverage the strength of their community to finance their film independently. The aim is to use crowdfunding strategies in 5 STAGES, the same ones that make up the traditional structure of a film: (i) Development; (ii) Pre-production; (iii) Production; (vi) Post-production and (v) Exhibition/Distribution.

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¿Me explicas en español?

Buscando América es un ecosistema WEB3 construido por cineastas latinos con la intención de producir una película independiente. El largometraje utiliza códigos propios de su identidad social y cultural para retratar lo absurdo de la vida cotidiana en América Latina.

El ecosistema estará compuesto por un conjunto de proyectos representados en colecciones de NFTs, incluyendo por ejemplo álbumes de música, piezas audiovisuales e interactivas, que servirán de antesala al concepto estético y narrativo del largometraje.

Con el objetivo de mantener el control de su proceso creativo y mantenerse fiel a las voces del colectivo, el equipo decidió aprovechar la fuerza de su comunidad para financiar su película de forma independiente. El objetivo es utilizar estrategias de crowdfunding en 5 ETAPAS, las mismas que conforman la estructura tradicional de una película: i) Desarrollo; ii) Preproducción; iii) Producción; iv) Postproducción, y v) Exhibición/Distribución.

What's next?

All token collections will be linked and will build towards the final product, Buscando America’s first full length feature film.

  1. DEVELOPMENT - Investigation, development of script and character, WEB3 financing plan/funding plan. “BOROS” (1000 Uroboros | 20 Oroboros). The first milestone for the ecosystem is a key that creates an allowlist & a token used to receive exclusive benefits that will begin to be unlocked in STAGE
  2. “IDIOSINCRASIA” - 2,500 NFT collection of 1/1 photographs that depict/portray characters and places that were discovered during the research and location scouting process in the communes of Medellín, Colombia. The collection of certain NFTs that share metadata of potential characters of the film will unlock interactive storytelling experiences. So pay close attention to the metadata! The product for this initial stage will be a completed documentary short of the filmmaking process at the “Development” stage.