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Bullet Heaven [YOKO]

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Bullet Heaven [YOKO] is an interactive bullet painting, from a series of works inspired by Danmaku (“Bullet Curtain”) arcade games characterized by complex patterns of bullets that fill the screen. To overcome the extreme difficulty of these games, the gamer must train extensively, feeding the machine with time and money. The project examines the toxic, psychologically abusive relationship between gamer and game and the transcendental dark flow state one achieves when merging with machine. Made in collaboration with Wretched Worm and music by Manapool.

Sam Hains is a programmer and digital artist whose practice centers on the search for the human and the authentic in an increasingly simulated world. His work explores the oft-forgotten spaces that have come to define our contemporary era: abandoned netscapes, machine-created mistranslations, and uncanny simulated realities. His first NFT collection “Lost Home Worlds” was a series of procedurally generated castles inside bottles released via in 2023.

Dec 2023
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