Bulby World Genesis

***Bulby World Genesis is the world of Bulbasaur 9 as the starting collection.

***It is a world of wacky cartoons, crazy games, interesting locations and bizarre objects.

***As a family collaboration, HoT is using B9's drawings via direct drop, collage, collab, edit, glitch and animation to create a unique collectible set.

***All items are IPFS pinned 1/1 unique NFTs. Drop schedule is randomized and not predetermined.

***Prices will start very very very low at 0.01 ETH and increase with each piece and/or drop until 0.25 ETH. Specials will be priced separately.

***Some items will be characters. Others will be animations. There will be scenery and ojbects as well. At times, it will be a whole artwork. Together they will create a big yet loveable Bulby World.

***As a side note, certain earlier unsold works of B9 could be burned and re-minted here.

***In later months, perhaps new collections will come as well..

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