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Buck's of Woodside in Immersive 3D.

The legendary Buck’s Restaurant was captured using a three-dimensional camera system that created a realistic, fully immersive virtual experience. This one-of-a-kind, digital work of art can be enjoyed with a mobile device, web browser, or Virtual Reality headset.

This small restaurant in the town of Woodside has had a front-row seat to the explosive rise of Silicon Valley as the world’s top technology hub. Ground zero of the global internet boom is traced to table 48 where Marc Andreesen and Jim Clark first toiled over the early formation and funding of Netscape, the company that started the internet revolution. In fact many companies have been funded or even founded at Buck’s, including Tesla, Netscape, and PayPal. A great number of companies held early foundational meetings while dining at Buck’s, companies like Yahoo! and eBay.

Buck’s had more than a little time in the international spotlight with over 500 video crews and uncountable publications reflecting on this phenomenon.

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