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About this collection

ERC 721

Broadside is a new culture, community and storyworld, purpose-built for web3. It begins with a decentralized tale of 7,290 anonymous heroes, coming with either cc0 or full commercial rights, each the star of their own story.

11 Episode NFTs and artifacts from the world will be dropped to each Broadsider, telling the story of your specific character (all of which is already written, developed over ten years by a team of web3 and storytelling veterans), following the weeks and months after mint. Once the final chapter drops, merge and burn your Episode NFTs into a 1/1 Book NFT, featuring your Broadsider on the 1/1 cover art. You will be able to print and sell copies of your book, before taking your character in any direction you wish, as we develop Phase 2 of Broadside together with the community in a number of new directions.

The collection features rare traits (both cc0 and licensed from other projects) contributed by our friends, guest artists and communities including XCOPY, Cryptopunk #5046, OSF / Rektguy, Moonbirds, Eclectic Method, Goblintown, Nouns, Blitmaps, Kristy Glas, Cryptoadz, Robness and more. None of them are as strong as all of us.

Items minted7,290
Welcome to Broadside

A solarpunk rave cult fighting for a better tomorrow.

We are a movement. We are a game. A dayglo mesh network. A culture. A robot wrecking crew in ski-masks. We are the most hyped community in the open metaverse, and the world we are creating is a blueprint for brighter days.

We maraude across worlds and games together on a daily basis. We run Twitter pirate radio stations, metaverse rave warehouses, and are always ready to play capture the flag. We believe music is a weapon in the future. We're teaching you how to use it now.

A Solar Punk Future

The solarpunk storyworld of Broadside is designed to help people collectively envision a brighter future; one where we can protect the planet, fight for freedom, and implement new economic models made possible by emerging technologies, systems and principles.

Solarpunk is a literary and artistic movement; a reaction to the dystopian visions presented in the media. As a subgenre of sci-fi, it is aspirational, concerned with more optimistic visions of the future. Broadside interrogates new ideas from different character perspectives, rather than preaching one predetermined way forward. The Broadside world is fast moving and action packed. AR gaming rules the planet, anti-surveillance clothing is always on-trend, and 3D bass music is used as a weapon to fight oppressive robot armies.

Fighting For An Open Metaverse

The open metaverse is a vitally important layer for humanity’s future. We believe we must build towards it and fight for it now.

The Broadside community regularly rolls out in the metaverse together. Our community-built Rave Bunker is one of the most visited experiences in the open metaverse, and has become a key gathering place for a number of metaverse communities, and versions of it exist across several platforms and games.

A Community Armed with IP

Broadside is a green-pilled, decentralized franchise. Broadsiders come with a blend of full commercial rights and cc0 assets so you can build your own world.

We are a community of builders, makers, collectors, gamers, musicians, LARPers, artists, entrepreneurs, and above all, family. We are solarpunks concerned with actualizing a sustainable future, and Broadsiders have been used to build new stories, Roblox games, record labels, sneaker startups, and coffee companies.

This Story Has Just Begun

By owning a Broadside OG you join one of the strongest communities in the open metaverse, and contribute to a story and culture with real world impact.