Brian Testa is a New York-based, American artist and art educator. He is recognized for his community art-making, and was awarded special congressional recognition in 2014. Testa was born in Queens, New York. Testa is enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Florida, where he is pursuing his master's in Art Education. Testa earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Design Education, from Adelphi University. He also received his Associate of Arts in Art Studies from Nassau Community College. His research includes S.T.E.A.M, immersive and adaptive art-making, art as a communicative tool; visionary and shamanic art. His recent projects explore immersive art-making through Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/XR). As an artist, Testa is interested in pushing the limits of gravity, time, and movement through the process of floating ink on the surface of of bodies of water to create monotypes. His art is heavily influenced by a shamanic, interconnected view of the world. 

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