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Brendan Bald's Films and Screenplays

Brendan is an Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, and Photographer.

He’s passionate about all forms of storytelling. He’s written, directed, and produced several projects including the award-winning short film “MUTED.” Most recently, Brendan’s screenplay “Legal Performance” was awarded Best Feature Length Drama Screenplay at the Georgia Shorts Film Festival and Quarter-Finalist at the Nashville Film Festival. Additionally, Brendan’s short film, “Dynamite” won Best Short Film at the Baltimore Micro Film Festival.

A word from Brendan…

"I’m truly passionate about Storytelling. Conquering internal character development visually is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve but when done successfully, the results can be beautiful, cathartic, and even life-changing. My goal is to tell a unique story with every project I create."

This is a collection of Brendan's work...


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