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Breathe With Me - Cards

Breathe With Me - World's First Collectible Canned City Air NFTs Around The Globe

A unique NFT project has been produced by Anil A. Brug. She creates NFT formats & projects with an interdisciplinary approach focusing on the realm of real and digital worlds’ source codes to generate genuine projects for now and the future.

In her latest book, Breathe With Me, she has explained the importance of Breathing and Mindfulness Games for Digital Screen Apnea. In her breathwork and mindful tech methodology, she drew attention to the digital nutrition of children, teens, and digital parenting.

Travel to see, experience and feel your favourite cities around the globe. Why not collect their Canned AIR NFTs? These unique Collectible NFT Video Cards are specially designed to relieve stress, cure homesickness and help fight nostalgia. It is made with careful hands just for you.

Breathe with me in your favourite city. The project launched on World’s Breathing Day, April 11, 2021.

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