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Zine Edition 01

About this collection

ERC 721

All the news that’s fit to mint.

This is an open mint, commemorating the launch of The New Internet Zine, by Boys Club. The Edition 01 NFT will be the first in a series of many, each representing the digital spirit of every printed edition. Mint to reveal the NFT. Will you collect them all?

Boys Club is the “reliably unhinged” social collective with this type of energy. Our brand new Zine is filled with the best thinkgurl content, going from Lil Baby to block explorers and back again. You’ll meet our AI astrologist, see our IT LIST of builders and creatives shaping the future of the internet, and get an inside look at the life of our very first cover star.

Partners supporting the Boys Club Zine include OpenSea, Ledger, Lens Protocol and Celo.

Holders of Edition 01 NFT will be eligible to claim DIMES, the Boys Club rewards program powered by Co:Create. Holders will be entered into a raffle to receive a full Boys Club apparel fit and printed editions of the Zine. DIMES will be an ongoing rewards program, so keep an eye on our Twitter for more news in coming weeks.