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Bowie on the Blockchain

In keeping with a legacy that has ranged from redefining the parameters of live performance and gender roles in popular music, to pioneering methods of digital distribution and online community building, to constantly championing new and undiscovered artists and technologies, David Bowie's undying influence will impact another new frontier.

On September 30th, the David Bowie Estate will unveil BOWIE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN — a first of its kind multiple artist NFT sale, in partnership with OpenSea, the world's leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, and We Love the Arts, the new Web3 venture of artist manager Andrew D. Keller of We Few Group, and film producer Joaquin Acrich.

BOWIE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN brings together nine leading artists in the NFT space who have created their own unique takes paying homage to David Bowie and his influence across their artistic and personal identities. 100% of profits to the Bowie Estate will benefit CARE, for which Iman is its first-ever Global Advocate.

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