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Bored Punk Pioneers

The first ever Filipino Crypto Punks-inspired digital art collectibles living on the Polygon Network. Bored Punks of Society is a community-driven social movement that originated from CCPH with the goal of educating the mass to the beauty of crypto, metaverse, and investing. Each punk is unique and exclusively pre-minted NFTs which are also awarded to outstanding CCPH community members for their contributions in helping the growth of its crypto community in the Philippines.

Pioneer Bored Punks are the early punk iterations of the incoming class of Bored Punks that will soon be released to the public. Being an early supporter, pioneer owners will have the privilege to receive a FREE Bored Punk at official release. Nonetheless, each punk is a representation of being part of a movement towards a future we are building with crypto, a proof of support and contribution to the community, and brings with it a strong sense of pride and prestige by being one of the owners of Bored Punks.

Sep 2021
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