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Bobu, the Bean Farmer

Bobu Tokens are an experiment in decentralized IP, brought to you by Bobu (Azuki #40), an honest bean farmer, will become one with the Azuki Community. Bobu Tokens are a way to join an experiment in decentralized character IP governance. Bobu Tokens grant access to closed discord channels, Proposal voting, and more surprises. Visit for more details.


Some disclaimers: 1) Chiru Labs does not make any representations or warranties with respect to the future value of Bobu Tokens (Chiru Labs believes that the future value of Bobu Tokens (if any), will be generated by the enthusiasm of the community of Bobu owners). 2) Bobu Tokens do not represent an ownership interest in Chiru Labs or Azuki as a whole. 3) Bobu Tokens are not an investment vehicle and are not being created for the purpose of trading or liquidity, rather they are a governance unit, intended to be used as a vote in decentralized governance.


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