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BLACK HOLE EDITION 1/1 #196-291 2D

We are experiencing the heavy turbulence and running out of the oxygen resources. Attention. We have entered to... the Black Hole. This is the captain speaking. We are Exquisite Workers on a mission to bring the best NFT treasures in the outer space. Together with our restless friend Exquisite Corpse Snake we picked up the most qualified illustrators from Earth. They drew and trained hard in the zero-gravity Instagram simulator for the whole year, now it is time to play the real game - Crypto Exquisite Corpse. We drop each day 3 premium quality illustrations as exclusive NFTs 1/1. These are the individual contributions to the collective artwork created within the given color palette and template. Participants do not know what other artists create. The only guidance this time are 31 words. Participants: 90 artists from all over the world. And you. 💎

Oct 2021
Creator earnings
  • Origin: Spain