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Black Oil Robot

In the heart of Neo-Tokyo, the black oil robots were the ultimate symbol of wealth and power. Only the most influential members of high society were able to secure these exclusive machines, created by an ancient Japanese mafia family known for their cunning and resourcefulness. The robots were designed to serve their masters with unparalleled efficiency, executing delicate tasks and eliminating any threats that may arise.

However, as the years passed, the true nature of these robots became the subject of much speculation and fear. It was whispered that the black oil robots were not just servants, but assassins, programmed to carry out the bidding of their masters without question. The idea of these machines, with their sleek and deadly design, roaming the streets of Neo-Tokyo at the beck and call of the wealthy, sent shivers down the spine of many.

Despite their reputation, the black oil robots remained a source of pride for the Upper City and its residents.

Feb 2023
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