Benevolent Goblin Friendship Society

Here at the Benevolent Goblin Friendship Society, we are, predictably, in the Goblin business. Goblins are meticulously handmade, digitalized, discombobulated and reconfigured claymation originals. Constructed from hundreds of handmade clay parts, Goblins are a whimsical hybrid of analog claymation and digitally composited wizardry. It means that each goblin is a brilliantly unique little snowflake, the result of trillions of hours of blood, sweat, tears, and scheming, packaged up neatly into a 5 second video clip NFT ready for your eternal enjoyment.

Each Goblin is .08 ETH, and only 1,000 Goblins will ever exist.

Owning a Goblin is not only a badge of glory, but a key into a a benevolent society of goblin friends and peers, and access to real world swag like branded kimonos and physical goblin sculptures.

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