Beautiful Queer Art

Drawing lines, throwing colors, carefully defragmenting and putting back together to make art that keeps you busy exploring, being wowed, getting heartbroken and falling back in love with this curious world of colors, indecision, and magic.

Hey Gorgeous!

Thanks for showing up. My name is Joanna Soyka. I make visual art you can hang on your wall, art that is full of life, colors, waves and overall very talkative. It tells stories about beauty, boldness, heartbreak, ponders complexities, seeks compassion. I portray humans that inspire me, draw curious creatures that put me in awe, and document the world around me, while I move - and I move a lot, love movement and mixing up my perspectives like a banged up allicorn looking through a prism, wanting to share the joy and asking all excited “Do you see it too?!!“. Now go browse through the works and find what speaks to you most!

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