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Dreams Of My Father

Dreams Of My Father beat album is the first multiple NFT soundtrack drop from world renown Truly Limited. Every beat is original and limited in supply. Jan 10th Drop

“Dreams Of My Father” is about a young boy who grew up without his father for sometime. The young child’s father tried everything to stay connected, being there since birth watching every day while loving and caring for his son. The young boys dad and mother broke up in which the dad went away because he had no choice at the time. Having nothing left but memories the child created a fantasy super hero villain of his father. Throughout the child’s life he had visions and loving dreams about his father. All the different feelings and emotions that the child felt in various times of his life are reverberated throughout most beats of this album.

This is purchase of NFT's and it has no rights or ownership to the underlying music. Truly Limited maintains all rights to the music on the NFT that you purchase.

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Jan 2023
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