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Bangsta Bears

This is a Bangsta Bears OG (Genesis) collection of 250 Gang Bangin' Bears. Enough of the cute animal projects, these bears are about BUSINESS! Plenty of things to love about project, but just by indulging in the plethora of information in our discord, you can tell this isn't your average community ;)

There will only ever be 250 Bangstas that live on the Ethereum Blockchain as this was a small offering for our OG supporters! We have a collection on the Solana Blockchain, but there is 4750 of them and they do not have the same prestige or benefits that the OGs have.

Please don't be fooled by the scammer polygon collections, I report them every other day & Opensea will not doing anything about it...

Don't want our supporters hard earned money, going to lazy, unskillful scammers!

Dec 2021
Creator earnings