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The true marketplace : The B3ARS have caused chaos in the ecosystem. They have been running the show in the cryptocurrency/NFT market for several months now, causing panic among investors and the collapse of the most fragile institutions. But things are about to change, the B4D Bulls are gearing up and the revolt is on. The Bulls are different from the B3ARS in every way. They are loud, excited and want to blow up the financial markets. They succeeded in convincing many investors of their optimistic vision and the prices are rising again.

The Bulls and the B3ARS finally started to work together, learning from their differences and realising that the market needs both upside and downside variations to be healthy and sustainable. They learned to co-exist and thrive together, offering investment opportunities for all types of investors.

The B4D Bulls are coming, and they're here to break it up!

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Apr 2023
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