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"Away I Flew - Visual Poetry of Being Human". Photography by Jerad Armijo - 61 1/1 NFTs

A photographic collection of my visual diary. Visions of my endless thoughts, and my struggles of being human with a sprinkle of synesthesia for color.

For 15 years I’ve honed in on my artistic eye, to create my current aesthetic. I learned to utilize my synesthesia in my photography. Listening to music makes me see colors. I bring that color back into my photography.

As I’ve evolved as a human, so too has my artistic expression. Traversing through life, I have noticed that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be human.

What is it to age? What is it to die? What is it to be happy? What is balance? What happened to my inner child? What is mental stability?

Being human is difficult. It is through hardships that I feel we, as humans, are able to connect. Through my portfolio, I hope to express life’s difficulties, in an elegant way which will help to bring us together.

Be Human. Be Kind.

Aug 2021
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