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AURAS by Jeremy Cowart

About this collection

ERC 721

On May 2nd 2023, artist Jeremy Cowart created his historic AURAS project, which is now 10,000 completely unique NFT’s produced in 20 minutes start to finish without relying on generative code. It was the first time Cowart has ever publicly revealed his creative process that he has spent 10 years privately developing in his studio.

Captured as the default PFP, Cowart himself was the blank canvas, wearing all white, including a white mask. Cowart took rarity to historic new levels by turning them into a live performance… the lighting setups, the hats he wore, the photo editing styes, the robotic prisms, the body positioning, and the 150+ images projecting behind him and on his body all went into the rarity traits. Once finished, Cowart commissioned a team of 20+ people to manually assign the rarity traits since the entire project was created through analog methods.

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A quick recap of Cowart's live AURAS event, captured on May 2nd, 2023 in Nashville, TN. Cowart captured 10,000 completely unique photographs in 20 minutes before a live and online audience. All videos have been created by Evolve Studios.

Meet the Artist

Jeremy Cowart has spent the past 15 years as a photographer, specializing in celebrity portraiture and humanitarian projects around the world. Before photography, he worked both as an abstract painter and graphic designer. All of these mediums came together in 2021 when Jeremy moved into NFTs with his projects Block Queens, Lightographs and now AURAS, all bringing something brand new to the space.

The Buzz is Real

The news about AURAS has been spreading both before and after the creation itself, with a notorious opinion that this is a historic NFT effort in the making.

What others are saying

Just a few of the reactions from the thousands watching the live event on May 2nd.

Behind the Scenes

Jeremy Cowart, John Medina and Jesse Ross discussing all things NFTs with the crowd of 150+ before Cowart’s performance.

Cowart Performing

A view from the crowd’s perspective of Cowart’s live performance. Cowart had a 50/50 split between his own paintings, photos, drawings projected onto him mixed with his recent AI creations taking up the other 50%.

Artist Closeup

A side view of Cowart during his performance. Cowart was triggering the camera with a wired remote in his left hand and he was holding a laser in his right hand, shining it into the camera at various times.

Broadcast Replay

Want to see the entire AURAS broadcast start to finish? You can now do so at