Auftakt /

'Auftakt' is a conductor's gesture preceding the sound of music. A baton's outstroke made in silence yet containing comprehensive information about music, the piece's meaningfulness, and sound character.

Auftakt is an elusive fragment of time, dissolving in its obvious ephemerality. A moment invisibly present in our lives and combining paradoxically opposite feelings. Silence and tranquility in the second before the storm. Sound of broken glass, heard before it crashes; loneliness experienced before the parting takes place.

In this project, I am interested in capturing "indecisive moments" much more than "decisive" (as described by Cartier-Bresson). In such unimportant moments, we experience the intertwining of opposing emotions: through photography, they can be plucked from objective reality and transferred to a different, atmospheric existence that is subtly (or obviously) connected to the here-and-now.

All NFTs come with signed archival pigment ink prints on baryta paper.

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