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The New World - Artist - Connie Geerts

Connie Geerts was born in 1965, the youngest of six children raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It was a fairly idyllic childhood filled with lots of unsupervised exploring and evenings spent with her siblings drawing at the kitchen table.

Geerts started her professional art career with a move to the West coast in 1987. After exploring many materials she fell in love with acrylic painting and has been working in the medium ever since. During this time, she also worked as a news videographer, and started creating sculpture, joining the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild. Geerts began showing her work professionally in 1997, and has been consistently represented by a number of galleries since that time.

In 2000, Geerts moved to Alberta, Canada, and was able to devote more time to creating art. She also spent time working in film and theatre, building props and sets. The influence of her video editing career showed up in her painting around this time, with her style

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