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From NC. I am listing some of my art work in the form of trading cards. Pack (bundle) of 4 art cards per pack. We have a handful of different 1 of 1 rare cards on sale, grab some & help be build a huge collection on OpenSea! Start Your Collection Now and get the Rare of the Rare. Rare are 1 of 1 - Thats the only copy of that card - This are different styles of 1 or 1 cards. Special Edition Cards are Limited to just 5 Cards. (0#/05 Marking) Black and White Tints are Number to just 50 Cards. All 50 cards are marked 1 of 50 and are black and white tint. Uncommon Edition Cards are limited to 500, all 500 cards are marked 1 of 500. Common Edition Cards are Limited to 1500, all 1500 cards marked 1 of 1500. All Types and tints might have a 1 of 1. Each card name might not have all or any parallels of limited edition. EX, a card might have all the types but green.

Apr 2021
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