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Art with Gravity II: The Ethereals

Totems of Peace

In a world of instant communication and lightning progress, we need our moments of calm. For me, this is found through natural dyeing and the conscious creation it inspires.

This range of planets, The Ethereals, celebrates the wonder of the cosmos with a sense of purity.

Each planet is a 1/1 artwork created from a swatch of naturally-dyed fabric, with a partner in 2 variant ranges, The Materials and The Astrals. There will only ever be this trio from one dye recipe and fibre combination.

My hope is that these might give you a cue to pause, to think, and create a moment of calm to which you can return when needed.

Every artwork in the Art with Gravity project (all collections) is also entitled to one fabric swatch of the first red/rare tier release in the Fabrics of Reality project - a Fabric exclusive to Art with Gravity holders.

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Apr 2021
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