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Art For Art's Sake/Fiat ars pereat mundus

Fiat ars – pereat mundus [make art though the world shall perish], says Fascism, also fascist anthem, a way of aestheticizing politics: creating the pleasures, cultures and ritual structures of legitimation that justify or disavow the underlying dispossessions. Happening today in a resembling manner, media exploitation of sensationalism omitted real social problems. In Thailand, people suffer from the lack of a good healthcare system while the media is using sensationalization to make irrelevant news seem more important so people forget what the real problem is. 01 The old man Covid-19 patient crawling to receive his delivered food. No hospital accepts his and his family's cases due to capacity reached 02 all 3 severe Covid-19 patients in the house were not able to help each other 03 people queued up overnight on the street to get tested 04 people queued up overnight (and slept) on the street to get tested "This is evidently the consummation of l’art pour l’art."-Walter Benjamin

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