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Art currency ETH

Concept art - Crypto as art currency

When will the revolution take place as fiat is replaced by crypto? The edition "Art currency ETH" addresses this question.

Everything that wants to display its own value no matter how - including cryptos, is tied to known currencies, such as USD.

The NFTs from this collection are only bound to themselves, i.e. to ETH.

Each NFT will be worth at least the same price on the cut-off date 12.12.2024 as it is today. What happens to the NFTs during this time is up to the holders.

Available values:

1 ETH, 0.5 ETH & 0.1 ETH

each limited to 999 units

5 ETH, limited to 99 units

10 ETH, limited to 9 units

100 ETH, only one unit

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Jun 2022
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