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Arrest Fauci Club is a hilarious collection of 3838 NFTs that were generated randomly on the Polygon Blockchain from hand-drawn traits, backgrounds, and many of Fauci's actual quotes, each with unique, hand-designed characteristics, and of course loads of giggles!

Fauci is laughing at you because he successfully destroyed your lives and livelihoods, so we created the Arrest Fauci Club so you can laugh in Fauci`s face by improving your financial situation and enjoying life by using his idiocy to earn you some crypto!

Whether you love Fauci or wanna kick his ass, it's clear this maniac has a God complex (and hopeless face panty-fetish) and its time to put him in his place using blockchain technology!

Feb 2023
Creator earnings
  • Quotes and funny text layer: Im just saving lives