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Antichambre by Anaglyphic

Antichambre is a narrative research developed by generative artist anaglyphic. It builds on previous works such as Pyramid Scheme and Cités Nuageuses to push forward their work on etched representations of improbable spaces.

Taken in an overly literal French sense, an antichambre is the opposite of a room. In a more reasonable one, it is as smaller room that acts as a buffer between a public space and a private one. It is the limbo in which one forgets the past to sink in the anticipation of the high-stake social interactions to come.

The topographies depicted by Antichambre iterations naively represent what can be at stake with these intermediary spaces. The floating moments spent in these rooms are what some the present is made of, as the past is gone and the future is always to come. By making a slices of time a slice of space, the Antichambre algorithm provides cognitive helper to anchor a perspective on the instant.

Jun 2023
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