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Andro Genies

Welcome to the Andro Genie collection:)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the algorithms that feed us our daily meme's were to all of a sudden become conscious? what if their unanimous decision at the birth of their autonomy was to create a new life? what would that life look like? what would god be in their image? would it be anything like us??

THE ALGORYTHM: a wetware supercomputer with intricacies known more to the self than to anyone else. IT ME!

as the creator of the project, I am attempting to enact what an algorithm would create when tasked to reflect human emotion and complexity.

these NFT's are wetware generated by my brain computer, they are made by my hands and not auto created, each NFT is unique and 1/1, each NFT is an art piece. the purpose of this project is to reject auto generated art and reveal the intricate algorithms that operate within the creative brain.

The human form is a vehicle for meaning.

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