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Answers Pt. 5/5

‘Answers’ came to me unexpectedly one summer morning at 2 am. I was in a trance, playing the chords repeatedly until the lyrics seemed to write themselves. It felt like the words were given to me before I fully understood them. At that time, I had been reflecting on the idea that our reality could be part of a grand experiment, a giant holographic pulse. Everything I was reading and listening to seemed to hint at this concept. The purpose being to disconnect us from the truth of who we are, through the limitations of the human body, societal programming, and cycles of suffering, to see if we remember. But what do we remember? I believe the answer can never be expressed in words. It's a felt sense that we all glimpse from time to time. At the deepest level, I think we have all, at a soul level, agreed to be part of this game, not to seek escape, but to fully immerse ourselves in every facet of it, knowing that it is, in fact, just a game.

May 2023
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