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Alketa Delishaj

Contemporary art reaches up to the present day, with a number of emerging artists who manage to thrive in a sector currently full of competition and severe critics. In this framework it is possible to insert the young Alketa Delishaj, an artist with excellent communication skills who choose as a model for her works the first female divers in history who competed in the discipline of the trampoline at the Antwerp Olympics in 1920, including Jane Fauntz and Katherine Rawls, up to 100 years later and to describe the story between art and diving.

Alketa was born in Albania, precisely in the city of Shkoder. She was able to make herself known for her talent and originality on her beloved sportsmen.

The 19th century is the century of the great rebirth of sport, and has laid the solid foundations for innovative disciplines alongside other classical activities, thus giving further and more exciting models of artistic inspiration;

Mar 2022
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