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"AlienatedNFTs" is an exquisite and enthralling collection of animated digital NFT art pieces that explores the essence of alienation and the depths of melancholy. Each artwork depicts alien beings grappling with the feeling of desolation in various facets of life, drawing parallels to our human experiences.

Based on a viral digital painting by the visionary artist Miker "artMiker” Rivero, these NFT collections are true masterpieces of modern digital art. "artMiker" strives to use NFT technology to amplify the rarity of these poignant works and expand the subject of pain and sadness in life. As "artMiker" himself puts it, the essence of empathy transcends boundaries. It is a universal trait that binds all intelligent life forms, no matter where they may be, in the vast expanse of the universe, including ourselves.

Apr 2023
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