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Alice Tamburini

He graduated from the State Institute of Art in Forlì, graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. At the age of 5, he decided to bring his drawings to the Cesena painter Maria Pasini Morigi, asking her if he could exhibit them along with his own in a solo exhibition the artist was having in Badia Prataglia. The following day Maria Pasini Morigi tells her that her drawings were the most appreciated; from that moment Alice Tamburini decides to become a painter. Her first exhibition takes place in Forlì in 1990 in the XC Pacifici room; in the meantime, Alice finds a workshop in the beautiful old tobacco drying kiln in Gambettola that will remain her studio for 20 years. At the Academy of Fine Arts, she meets the one she considers her master: Enrico Lombardi and together with him, she exhibits in prestigious art festivals. In 1995 she won the 3rd prize Biennale d’Arte Romagnola at Palazzo del Ridotto, Municipal Art Gallery of Cesena . In 1999 she was awarded by the city of Cesena

Aug 2023
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