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Alan munemori

Born in Japan, he lost his parents in his childhood and started working and living alone from his teens. She has lived in New York and Hawaii for many years, working as a model for her professional career while also working on graphic design and painting on order. She has many bright and positive works with the concept of "Happy", "love" and "Thank you", which are loved by both men and women. The feature is that she does not draft at all and scoops up with just one sign pen at once with intuition and inertia. She has a unique contemporary art design with an alpha bed motif. The reason why the number of Happy works that do not add color in the second half has increased is that if the happiness of the person who bought this work comes true, there are many works that do not add color so that they can paint their favorite color by themselves. Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Art Design College I want to keep drawing a lot with a lot of feelings that I want to make people in

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Oct 2021
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