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Alan Ki Aankhen by Fahad Karim

Art Blocks Collection: Curated

Heritage Art Blocks Collection: Curated series 8

Project Description: Alan Ki Aankhen is an exploration of other-worldly cityscapes in the visual aesthetic of Fahad’s distinct style with pen and paper. The title, translated as Alan’s Eyes, alludes to Alan Turing’s machine intelligence test - a thought experiment foreshadowing a moment in which we can no longer differentiate between the real and the artificial. Though first proposed in 1950, the topic feels especially relevant today, as even our creative practices are being carried by shifting technological tides.

The algorithms and decision-making encoded into this generative art project intentionally imitate Fahad’s approach on traditional mediums - composition rules, textures, and overall themes. The visual elements are inspired by Fahad’s memories from his nomadic life. You’ll find intricate windows from Rajasthan, massive Egyptian pyramids rising from the horizon, a density of civilization only seen in New York, and the moon - a comforting and shared sight no matter where you stand.

Jul 2022
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