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Welcome to the captivating #aiGIFs NFT collection, where parallel universes and extraordinary adventures await. Join little red hooded Azreth on a quest, traverse through time with the Time Door, and transport your consciousness with Vina Veev. Embark on Nopa Travel to the eighth dimension, encounter enigmatic humanoid species in the Kaarabe System, and explore the singular continent of Planet Befisa. Beware of the dangerous yet kind Afeira, and journey through the Nebula Gate 60 to the wonders of Vesin Nebula.

Seek protection in Punk Town, experience healing at Risq Plaza, and witness the mind-traveling citizens of Planet Yenxi. Find yourself in a cold and remote place, and step through the Dream Portal into the fourth dimension. Immerse yourself in knowledge at Misuif University Campus, face the challenges of being stranded, and follow the footsteps of the explorer Michael Nis. Marvel at the beauty of the Vensio Star System, uncover the mysteries of the Qohyi Nebula, and more!

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Dec 2022
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