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AI Dream

AI Dream is a collection of ultra-large-scale AI generated digital paintings by Hormoz Immen.

The strangeness of the dream world is familiar to all of us. When our brain is constantly trying to create a coherent story from random thoughts and events that we've experienced, often filling the gaps with narratives that seem absurd. The artwork presented here is generated by a computer brain that is trying to make sense of random glitches, missing data and corrupted pieces of information. A neural network that tries to create visuals from files that have been damaged in different ways, painting a surrealistic landscape filled with abstract figures and strange looking shapes. The machine here is not just running the lines of code, it is trying to read between the lines.

The unlockable is a 32,000 pixels by 32,000 pixels image in a password protected zip file stored on IPFS.

More information is available at

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May 2021
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  • Sha-1 hash of zip file: E22b3943c442f0d96fccd4c21a70bc30a20d1caa