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Adorned Personalities

This collection is a physical representation of the beauty in everyone.

We meet people everyday and before we get to know them we pass judgement on who they are based on their looks, disposition and personal prejudice. We see some things about them and classify some as beautiful while some don’t meet our beauty standards. When we keep an open mind towards people we meet, hoping to genuinely know who they are, we see the beauty in them; we see that their personalities are adorned in beauty.

The images in this collection showcases facets of human beauty represented by Charisma, Elegance, Grace, Intelligence and Congruence. All images were shot between 2019 and 2022.

Images from this collection have been voted best Conceptual Minimalist Photo at several Art Competitions and Exhibitions; also voted as top 6% best photos in the world in 2019 out of 7956 photos considered for the award. Available now for the first time as 1/1 NFTs.

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