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Active Auto Dubai

Active Auto is more than just a boutique car workshop and dealership - it is a visionary enterprise aligned with Dubai's futuristic vision on sustainability. Our workshop specializes in upcycling cars with a difficult past by saving both these and the earth from large amounts of unrecyclable scrap and waste. We work in parallel with our dealership to share the economic benefit created by upcycling these cars with their new owners.

At Active Auto, we crown our hard work and the new owner's environmentally friendly choice for a new car purchase by issuing an NFT featuring their new car. This NFT is not just a work of art but a symbol of our joint commitment with our clients to a better world. As the first car workshop and dealership in Dubai to issue an NFT in memory of this commitment, we are proud to lead the way toward a more sustainable future. By owning one of our NFTs, you can be part of this revolution and a champion for innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.

Mar 2023
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