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Acid.Bloom by Mia Forrest x ACID.FLWRS

Acid.Bloom is a meeting of minds between visual artist Mia Forrest and floral art studio ACID.FLWRS takes you on a psychedelic trip through a series of momentous times of the day; dawn, blue skies, sunset, and night.

Acid.Bloom is created through a process merging nature, printmaking, and video. Re-imagined cosmic forms take shape as they bloom into the sky and form a DNA-like helix structure, inviting the collector to shift perspectives and contemplate how species morph, change, survive, and thrive over time.

Acid.Bloom immortalizes the otherwise impermanent and ephemeral nature of botanicals, replanting them within a digital context, challenging our perceptions of the traditions of still life and classical forms.

The collection comprises four artworks in still (4) or moving image (4) format offerings.

The collector of the 1/1 NFT will receive an editioned print (p+h at the collector's expense).

Contact mia(at) to redeem.

Oct 2022
Creator earnings
  • Artist: Mia forrest