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Ocean Art by Giorgia Melagrana

This collection is inspired by my passion for the ocean and elements related to it.

The sky, ecstasy, the wave, the sailboat, the algae, and the plastic, today unfortunately part of our seas, oceans and the air we breathe.

Each painting is a unique piece, painted with acrylic paints, vinyl glue, plastic, resin powders.

Mixed painting techniques where blue and the various shades of this wonderful colour are the protagonists.

The colour pallet of excellence in nature, of the sky and of the ocean, a colour that does not hold, but that returns the truth and like a mirror reflects what you are.

What I propose you to do while looking at one of my paintings is to try to look at yourself through water, an element of life, powerful mother nature that saves us or drowns us.

Mar 2024
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