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Above Us Only Sky by Dipanjan Pal

"Above Us Only Sky" is an collection of 100 aerial images as 1/1 NFTs which celebrate the diverse beauty of the world from a perspective never seen before. It weaves stories from the backyard and from the faraway places, from misty mountains to black sand beaches, from soothing sunset to roaring rivers.

There are multiple exclusive collectors' perks - including books, prints, raffles, airdrops, giveaways, discounts, and more. Details can be found here.

The series will be launched in three phases. Phase 1 containing 40 1/1 aerial photography NFTs will be released in 2021 while I continue to work on the upcoming phases. The photographs have been shot over the course of last 3 and a half years in a variety of locations. The collection aims to inspire all of us to look at everything a bit differently. From a new angle, with a fresh perspective - which often changes your perception of the entire scene.

Aug 2021
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