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A Note From Forever Part II

A Note From Forever Part II is a continuation from part I which focused on finding an outlet for the emotions I was feeling surrounded by living with PTSD. During part I, I explored the concept of turning the darkness that was surrounding me into a world of dreamscapes in which I felt nothing could hurt me. Part I was the beginning of my recovery, the one which saw me begin to close the door on the darkness. Part II is the continuation of a new life. During part II, I learnt to search for a new light and therefore, a new perspective on my which involved turning negative energy into the most beautiful creations. We are surrounded by light everywhere we go, sometimes it can just be a little difficult to find it.

During the creation of part II, I lost someone very close to me and even today it still hurts just the same. For months, I lost my light and I could not imagine a life full of any light at without them. I stopped creating and I completely lost myself. It was only when I picked

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