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90s Babes NFT | BABE

The 90s Babes is 5k generative NFT collection that celebrates our history as agents of change with the goal of guiding more female rebels into this most exciting phase of the digital revolution.

NFTs designed by women. Celebrating women. Benefitting women. Empowering women. Women with the grit, grace, and guts to capitalize on this new digital opportunity. The same generation of women who’ve been here, leading the digital charge all along.

NFTs are changing the world. So who's leading the change? Women. Specifically, women who grew up in the 90s.

Our Mission: Empower women through NFTs. Boldly. Bravely. Beautifully. Just like always. This space is new. Our spirit is not. You're in charge of your destiny. Come get your share of the opportunity. Join the 90s Babes.

Perks Of Ownership:

  1. Enjoy 100% Commercial Rights
  2. Help Influence The Babe Fund
  3. Receive Community Rewards
  4. Join The Babe DAO
  5. Access Live Events
Mar 2022
Creator earnings