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5000 Space Aliens: THE MOVIE

The animated feature film 5000 SPACE ALIENS consists of 5000 one-second shots of manipulated videos and images from the Internet. Every single one of the 5000 shots from the movie will be available here as an animated NFT.

This historic project is a FIRST in NFTs and in indie film!

The film had its world premiere in March 2021 at Oxford Film Festival. Many more festivals are coming this summer and fall, then streaming is the goal. Stay tuned!

All 5000 space aliens will be 1/1s. Space Aliens 001-0100 are 0.008ETH. Space Aliens 0101-0200 are 0.01ETH. For now, Space Aliens 0201 and up are 0.02ETH. Prices of future Space Aliens may increase with popularity. Get in early.

In the meantime, collect all the cool scenes NOW before 5000 Space Aliens becomes 2021's biggest cult film!

The artist maintains his copyright on all film materials.

May 2021
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