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50 Sports Moments That Changed The Industry

The Sports Business Handbook's rerelease features 50 game-changing moments in the sports industry, including the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics and George Steinbrenner's acquisition of the New York Yankees. In partnership with STAKS, author Rick Horrow has created 50 NFTs redeemable for physical artwork of these events.

Buyers will also receive an autographed copy of Horrow's book and 2 VIP tickets to the Palm Beach Kennel Club's "Lunch with a Legend" event in West Palm Beach, FL. Previous speakers have included Joe Theisman, Nat Moore, Doug Flutie, & Jack Nichalous. 5 NFT buyers will also win an all-expenses-paid dinner following the event with Rick Horrow at Kitchen North Restaurant.

Use the Google Form in the "Unlockable Content" section of your NFT to fill out your information for redemption. Redemption is guaranteed only for NFTs listed by Officialstaks, and delivery is limited to US addresses.

Sep 2022
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