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50 Shades of Hemp

Welcome to 50 Shades of Hemp

50 Shades of Hemp is a collection of 50 unique and beautifully hand crafted hemp leaves that show the true uniqueness and the awesome potential of the hemp plant.

Who is behind 50 Shades of Hemp

The 50 Shades of Hemp were designed by Signature Products GmbH. A company that is building the hemp market of tomorrow by focusing on trading and processing all parts of the hemp plant in a sustainable way.


We created 50 Shades of Hemp as a symbol of support for the hemp revolution. Hemp can help us build a more sustainable future by being a source of valuable proteins and an effective carbon dioxide sink. Unfortunately many people still only think about drugs when it comes to hemp and don't know about the true potential of hemp. Support us in spreading awareness by showing off one of our shades!

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Feb 2022
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