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3D Token Blks Collection

3D Token Blks is a limited edition collection of 300 NFTs - unique digital collectibles that live and exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Each and every 3D Token Blk is one of a kind, as they all possess a distinct array of rare properties and traits. Owning 3D Token NFT’s will grant holders exclusive membership and access to our Discord, Telegram, and our Luv Metaverse. Get in the game with your 3D Token Blk character then open up a business with our 3D Token Blks Business trading cards. Or learn crypto with our 3D Token Blks University to earn an NFT Degree.

300 unique 3D Token Blks will be available for the discerning investor and loving owner. Adding a 3D Token Blk character to your social media profile is how companies show the world they’re invested in workplace diversity.

300 results